Skandinaviska Träimport is committed to maintaining high environmental, ethical and management standards as well as standards for traceability of timber which will benefit all stakeholders. A common responsibility reflects the company’s values and behavior towards customers, employees and suppliers.

The company has adopted a corporate policy that sets guidelines for activities in the areas of environment, purchasing, quality and communication.

A core area of corporate responsibility is our policy for the purchase of wood products – Responsible Sourcing Policy. It is a complement to the certified chain-of-custody timber traceability systems for the purchasing, warehouse management and sale of wood and wood-based products that reflects our view of how we can contribute to improving the conditions for serious foresters and sawmills worldwide.


Skandinaviska Träimports suppliers are an extension of our own business. We are convinced that strong supplier relationships that provide long lasting, efficient and sustainable supply chains are a key factor in our success.

When contractors are hired, we have taken into account the principles of sustainability along with more traditional aspects such as quality, cost and timely delivery. We demand that suppliers accept our Responsible Sourcing Policy and for each delivery guarantees that:

  • No products derive from illegally harvested timber
  • The export regulations of the country of origin have not been infringed
  • No traditional or civil rights has been infringed
  • Timber products does not originate in endangered and protected species (CITES)
  • Timber products, regardless of certification, derives from well-managed forests
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The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the company groups internal processes, management systems and procedures, and compliance with our policies. We are happy to answer any questions about our policies, management systems, certification and audits – Welcome!